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Canon Powershot SD1000 - 1 star

I am following the format of the previous post because, as of writing this, there weren't any guidelines posted.

Specs can be found here, under the "Specifications" tab.

I bought this for $250 at Wolf Camera.


  • Very compact, with very few parts that "stick out," thus reducing the chances that you might break something off, snag something, etc.

  • Pretty and clear LCD display

  • Standard Canon user interface - the UI was relatively simple to navigate even with my limited Canon digital experience.

  • Lots of information displayed on the screen, including shutter speed and aperture

  • Manual control of ISO and exposure

  • Macro setting produced very beautiful and clear photos; Canon seems to have a knack for macro


  • No manual control of focus.

  • Auto focus was terrible. It would say that a photo was in focus and, indeed, the photo looked reasonable on the LCD, but once the photo was on the computer in a higher resolution, it was very obvious that the image was in poor focus. Maddening.

  • COMPRESSION. There were three compression settings and all three were totally unacceptable- at full resolution there was all kinds of compression artifacting :( Looked awful.

One star out of four. The macro setting is really the only redeeming feature. I was suggested this camera because I told them that I wanted something compact with good optics and a large LCD. I didn't take into account that the AF and the compression would be horrible when I bought it; what good are nice optics when the photo is compressed and out of focus? I returned it and got a FugiFilm FinePix. I will try to review that one in the coming days (I just got it).

It should be kept into account that I may be biased because I usually shoot film (35mm and medium format) exclusively; I have *very* high expectations with regards to image quality. Also, I was purchasing this for an upcoming trip wherein I will need to have something compact and I will need to get images on to the computer easily and quickly for a subsequent presentation.


Jun. 3rd, 2007 10:28 pm (UTC)
Heh, yeah, I wasn't going to bother thinking up a good format until people actually joined it, but I'm actually working on it right now.

Do you think a #/10 would be more effective? I just like the idea of stars, I guess, lol.

I'll add the ratings into the tags right now, that's great.

And finally, can you tell this is my first time modding a group?
Jun. 3rd, 2007 10:42 pm (UTC)
Ha ha, I've never modded one, so you're ahead of me :)

I don't think it matters if it's stars or tens or what, just so long as it is consistent. And, really, stars are fine especially if we can use half-stars; that's basically 8 different ratings that can be used.

Have you advertised this site on any of the advertising communities? i don't belong to any and am not sure how effective they are, but it's a place to start :)


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