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Delta Bars Recipe

1/2 cup shortening
1 egg
1 separated egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/4 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup packed brown sugar

Preheat the over to 375. Mix wet and dry as you would with any recipe, but don't use the egg white or the brown sugar. Those go in the topping. Beat the eggs foamy, and add the brown sugar gradually. Continue beating it until it's stiff and glossy. Spread the batter in a greased cake pan, then the topping over that. Bake for about 25 minutes. Give it about ten minutes to cool, then cut into squares.

Makes a rich, soft desert with an incredible brown sugar meringue on top.

if this is allowed...

Im not posting a rating but Im looking for a highly rated item. I have become irritated with mascara's. Love 'em but no matter how much I brush and comb out the clumps soon later I find I have raccoon eye. that sweated blurred blackness around my eyes. Any suggested brands?
I'd tried the chocolate flavor of Tofutti Cuties before and thought it was amazing. That was years ago, though. I don't know what possessed me to get a box of them at the store the other day, but I'm glad I did. They may be small (about half the size of a standard ice cream sandwich) but they're satisfying (that says a lot when it's coming from a sugarholic like me who could probably eat a whole cake and still not be satisfied). I got the peanut butter flavor and it was even better than I remember the chocolate flavor being. Mmm. It's so creamy and feels just like ice cream but it's dairy free (making vegan, I believe. I don't think there are any animal products in it). I don't remember how much a box costs but whatever it is, it's worth it to me. Mmmm. So good.

the goods: taste, texture, size.

the bads: a tiny bit too melty. high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars for being tasty, satisfying, and having no weird textures or flavors.
Normally I think granola type bars are gross. I always think they sound good and then I bite into them and they taste like I imagine cardboard or cat food would taste. I like some varieties of the regular Clif bars but they still have that funny, not so tasty, taste to them, IMO. I was on a trip and saw these new Clif bars-Mojo bars. I snagged a couple of them and was soooo incredibly happy I did. I tried the peanut butter pretzel variety. It was amazing. It was perfectly salty and sweet and not once while eating did I think I'd rather have something else or I was only going to finish it because I paid for it and didn't want to waste it or my money. I devoured that thing happily. I think it was the same price as a regular Clif bar-about $1-$1.50.

the good stuff: pretty wholesome ingredients. no artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. a lot of organic ingredients. 10g of protein.

the bad stuff: the only thing I can think of is the enriched flour but that's not too bad.

5/5 stars for being tasty, healthy, satisfying, and portable. :)
I love juice. I'm always looking for new kinds to try. I picked up a bottle of Lakewood organic fresh pressed cranberry lemonade b/c I like lemonade and I like cranberry when it's mixed with other things (mike's hard cranberry lemonade is my favorite of all the mike's, for example). I think it cost $3 and some odd change. I'm sad, though, because this stuff tastes like PineSol smells. Exactly. My boyfriend's mom uses PineSol to clean their floors and oh my gosh it tastes exactly like his house smells on cleaning day. That was not what I was hoping for and not what I expected. It's rare that I don't like any kind of juice unless it has chunky bits (pulp and whatnot). I was very surprised, and not in a good way.

Good stuff: It comes in a glass bottle with a metal lid and a paper label (hooray for non-plastic containers). It's all organic. The only added sweetener is Agave. It was pink (ok, well I like pink stuff so that's good to me).

Bad stuff: The taste.

I give it 1.5 stars because it was awesome in every area but taste...but that's pretty much the most important thing here. Sad. :(

Canon Powershot SD1000 - 1 star

I am following the format of the previous post because, as of writing this, there weren't any guidelines posted.

Specs can be found here, under the "Specifications" tab.

I bought this for $250 at Wolf Camera.


  • Very compact, with very few parts that "stick out," thus reducing the chances that you might break something off, snag something, etc.

  • Pretty and clear LCD display

  • Standard Canon user interface - the UI was relatively simple to navigate even with my limited Canon digital experience.

  • Lots of information displayed on the screen, including shutter speed and aperture

  • Manual control of ISO and exposure

  • Macro setting produced very beautiful and clear photos; Canon seems to have a knack for macro


  • No manual control of focus.

  • Auto focus was terrible. It would say that a photo was in focus and, indeed, the photo looked reasonable on the LCD, but once the photo was on the computer in a higher resolution, it was very obvious that the image was in poor focus. Maddening.

  • COMPRESSION. There were three compression settings and all three were totally unacceptable- at full resolution there was all kinds of compression artifacting :( Looked awful.

One star out of four. The macro setting is really the only redeeming feature. I was suggested this camera because I told them that I wanted something compact with good optics and a large LCD. I didn't take into account that the AF and the compression would be horrible when I bought it; what good are nice optics when the photo is compressed and out of focus? I returned it and got a FugiFilm FinePix. I will try to review that one in the coming days (I just got it).

It should be kept into account that I may be biased because I usually shoot film (35mm and medium format) exclusively; I have *very* high expectations with regards to image quality. Also, I was purchasing this for an upcoming trip wherein I will need to have something compact and I will need to get images on to the computer easily and quickly for a subsequent presentation.

Beeswax salve recipe- 4 stars

Recipe: Recipe from Prairieland Herbs (http://prairielandherbs.com/index.htm), verbatim:

Basic Salve Recipe

1 cup oil
1-2 oz. beeswax

additional informationCollapse )

Ended up with:
2 oz. beeswax ($6.99 for a pound at the craft store)
1 cup olive oil
1 tsp honey
1 tsp Vit E gel
zest of one orange
about 2 tsp of rosemary
(and a few drops of peppermint oil, in half the batch)

Yeah, I just started throwing things in there.

Heated it over very low heat and stirred until it was completely melted.
Poured it into two plastic butter containers.
Since I effectively had two batches, I tried different things. One I strained, and added a little bit of peppermint oil, and the other I left as is.

The Good: Of the four people who tried it, three liked it really well. It's very moisturizing, and smells very good. I'm trying to use more and more natural products, and can you see anything in this that was even slightly suspect?

The pan was very easy to clean up, just wiped it down while the mixture was still warm.

The Bad: The fourth person hated it. Of course, she's also my bratty little sister, and tends to get mad when I do something well. She said it made her skin feel more waxy than moisturized.

Even one of the people who liked it thought it was a little lumpy.

The strainer was incredibly hard to clean, but without it, well, you have zest and herb crumblies to clean up every time you use it. The one I strained didn't take much of their scent at all. Maybe I just shouldn't use herbs, and stick to oils.

I used far too much beeswax, so it's a little funny to deal with. You can't just rub your finger in it, you have to scrape it with the back of your nail or a popsicle stick or something. Once you get it out, though, it's really soft.

To Change: Half the beeswax!! If you don't like the consistency after it cools, you can melt it again and add wax or oil, but I definitely needed to start with less wax.

I guess no herbs or solids of any sort, but...essential oils are so expensive!

Other details:
Smells: faintly like green tea, nice and rich like olive oil. The strained one smells like peppermint; the other smells just fainty like rosemary.
Looks: light, light green
Feels: thick and soft

Picture!Collapse )

The stuff I made is really only a 2, but I can't separate it in my mind from the 4ness potential! So, 3 stars.